Strawberry Cake, Stage 2

First of all, thank you to the lovely who sent me a cake. Much appreciated. Even if it is chocolate and not strawberry… To reply to your note, I’m sorry, but I don’t think you can convince me that chocolate is better than strawberry. Strawberry is queen. Chocolate can be princess, if it makes you feel better.

Operation Strawberry, Update 1: We’ve chosen a recipe! (No, we are not going to try all four methods and make four cakes for your enjoyment. You must work for success, dear friend.) Our recipe is Pink Lady Cake by Smitten Kitchen! It uses frozen, but if you must turn up your nose at them, here are some more recipes for you! Jellofreeze dried, and fresh!

We’ll keep updating!


Update 2: How’re you doing? My sweet old neighbor, May, and I argued a bit, then finally decided on a tri-layer strawberry, lemon, mixed berry, and strawberry ice cream cake. Then we headed over to her kitchen (since I think the cats did something to my oven. Maybe stuck a mouse in there– it’s making funny sounds…) and whipped it up. So far, the lemon-mixed-berry layer is out of the oven and cooling, and the strawberry layer is impatiently waiting for its turn to be roasted.


Update 3: I know, I know, y’all are all anxiously waiting for the results! Well. I have to say, it was… okay. Nothing to write home about. Just a cake. Not pink enough for my taste, and the strawberry wasn’t… strawberry enough? And that’s why I’m going to make two more cakes– possibly mixed berry. You can tag along! One is the same Pink Lady Cake, tweaked a bit, and the other is just a simple white cake with added strawberries– this time we’ll try to remember to take pictures. That is all happening AFTER our oven gets fixed, so hang on, dearies! May says not to lose heart.

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