Rosy Teatimes (AKA Get a Life)

tea for two

Roses and tea are some of life’s simplest but greatest pleasures, don’t you agree? It’s a natural thing, as inevitable as the pulsing of your heart! It sneaks up to even the most stubborn self-declared rose/tea haters and seizes them. This comes with age, like sparkly hair and an admiration for cats. Beautiful, graceful, carefree cats! We all aspire to be a cat. (Even if it is sometimes secretly.)

Alas, this tech-smitten generation drinks only coffee and bone-melting sugary sodas! Coffee can be pleasant– I had a dear friend who would invite me over for Arabic coffee and dates. We would spend evenings chatting about everything in the world, sometimes go for walks and enjoy the trees and sky and weather and flowers. But when this pleasurable part is lost, when coffee is gulped down while staring at a cold iPhone screen, matters are indeed sad! Where are the roses? Where are the colorful conversations?

If it is possible, soda pop is even worse. The slowly-killing poison! Avoid it like the plague. Do you realize what is doing to you? It seeps into your brain and soaks it like a pickle. It softens your brain until it is like cheese! Your mouth starts to slack. Your eyes glass over and turn zombie-like. When someone speaks to you, you grunt in reply. You cannot formulate a coherent response! And that is only the beginning. What’s that saying you newfangled people like? Live, laugh, and something. Say goodbye to living and laughing. You are now a zombie.

Is this what you want to be?


Sigh. Roses and tea. I do not apologize for the unpleasant photograph. Today, take the afternoon off and make yourself a cup of elderberry tea. Find a novel or a friend, get a few roses, and live! Or brew a cup of lemon, sit by the window and watch the world go by. Notice the sky above you. Don’t dismiss it as simply blue.


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