Baba Ghanoush to the Rescue!

This is a tale of the sweet darling Baba and the evil, selfish Snowflake.

Once upon a time, Baba Ghanoush was chasing after Snowflake, trying to clean behind her ear.

“Come here! You’re so dirty!”
“No! I like being dirty!”

Snowflake jingled up the stairs, heading to the toilet for a quick drink, Baba at  her heels. (Do cats have heels?)

But SURPRISE! Everything was frozen! And Snowflake was cornered.

“Grrrr! Now,” snarled Baba Ghanoush, grabbing her sister’s face in both paws, “you will sparkle, like me!”

After giving Snowflake’s icky face a few good licks, Baba decided that more extreme measures were needed. Snowflake needed a bath.


But Baba’s word was law. Immediately, her minions appeared at her shoulders, ready to carry out whatever order Baba gave them.

“Ha ha,” snicked Snowflake. “The pipes are frozen, just like my heart. You can’t do anything.”

Minion #1, Maria, and Minion #2, Zainab looked at each other. That was true! What were they to do?

“But my heart,” cut in Baba Ghanoush with a darling baring of her teeth, “is warmer than the sun. Just as the sun melts everything in its way, I will melt the ice in the pipes and your heart too while I’m at it!”

“I don’t think so– I’ll freeze your heart before you do anything!”

The two fluffy sisters glared at each other. One was scrawny and evil (can you guess who?) and the other was cuddly and delicious (this one’s Baba, of course!). They were both cute.

With a burst of sugar and spice and all that’s nice, Baba Ghanoush filled the room with warmth and melted all the ice! That is, all the ice except Snowflake’s!

As for Snowflake, she could not freeze Baba’s beautiful, warm heart. But Baba could not melt Snowflake’s frozen heart. Hmm.

But Baba Ghanoush had fixed the pipes! And now Snowflake could finally sparkle like her sweet, superior sister!

Baba Ghanoush had saved the day!