“Okay, we’re here,” Earl Grey said.

They peered out the car windows. There were no palms reaching up into the serene blue sky to be seen– instead, a great, rusty dumpster filled their sights. Steam and flies rose from it; dark, oily juice dribbled from it and ran into the street. Behind them was only an unfamiliar stretch of concrete.

“Do you want us to be kidnapped?” Flower Killer cried. She turned to Slime Monster, brushing away a lone tear. “How cruel life is. What a brother we have, abandoning us in distant lan–“
“Gogogogogo!” Earl Grey interrupted. “Quickly! Before I’m found out!” He yanked the wide brimmed hat further down his face and scanned the streets through his large sunglasses.
“A noble fate, at least, it will be,” sighed Slime Monster gallantly. “Send my salams to every one back home. Come on, sister, off into the great unknown we shall ventu–“
“Aaaaaah! Someone’s coming!” Earl Grey ducked down. “Go now before he sees me and digs his claws in me!”
“Oh, fine,” sniffed Flower Killer. “Whatever you say.”
The two descended from their chariot and began the long trek towards civilization, while Early Grey zipped out of the parking lot.

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