Helloooo, dearies!

Welcome to my kitchen! I’m Jerry Coke and I live in my tiny apartment up in NYC with my thirteen cats, Sir Mitten, Baba Ghanoush, Icicles, Mocha, Crookshanks, Bicycles, Mrs. Norris, Water Bottle, Tibbs, Jolly Roger, Baskets, Snowflake, Cliche, Microsoft, and Tigger!

I will show you how to makdfgiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid xidjjjdkjshuf — sorry, Baskets just stepped on my keyboard! Anyway, I will show you how to make wonders such as a burnt sugar cake, and a tres letchoocha. Along with my thirteen little minions, I dhfskjdhfksdhkuffffffffffffffff– oops, that was them again. They are taking offense at being called minions. Sorry, sorry– I must have minions on the mind! I LOVE minions and we will make many minion cakes and cookies together! Don’t forget your miswak, though– sugar is BAD for your teeth.

Enter my kitchen! Ah, the adventures we shall have together!

— Jerry Coke

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